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Phosphorus iron powder characteristics and role

  Phosphorus iron powder, widely used in automobiles, containers, ships, steel structure production, conductive paint, heavy anti-corrosion zinc-rich paint. It is an ideal product for the paint industry to reduce costs (the price is lower than 30%-40% of zinc powder).

  (1) Coating: It is used for the heavy anti-corrosion coating epoxy zinc-rich paint in combination with zinc powder, which can effectively enhance the anti-corrosion performance of epoxy zinc-rich primer and reduce the production cost of epoxy zinc-rich primer. Experiments have shown that the precipitation of zinc corrosion products in the epoxy zinc-rich primer coating can make the zinc powder away from the steel substrate unable to effectively produce metal-to-metal contact and thus cannot play an effective electrochemical protection. If a stable conductive pigment ferrophosphorus powder is added in epoxy zinc-rich primer by 25% of the mass of the epoxy viscous liquid, a conductive path can be formed in the paint film, the cathode protection efficiency can be improved, and the production cost can be greatly reduced. .

  (2) Solderable coating: It is used to impart single-layer or multi-layer paints with solderability. It can be used in the application of formation coatings, adhesives, sealants and coil coatings.

  (3) Conductive coating: The coating has electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

  (4) Electromagnetic Interference and Radio Frequency Interference Shields: As a cost-effective alternative to nickel-pigment or copper-pigment shields as a partial substitute for electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference (replacement amplitude by weight 30%).

  (5) The sintering temperature can be lowered to increase the press efficiency, and the wet strength of the unsintered powder can be increased.